Soon drivers in Australia won't be able to get away with texting and driving, thanks to Acusensus technology. / by Editor


Thousands of motorists are being caught using their phones while driving every day and there is a disturbing reason why people think they can get away with it.

Compared to speeding and drink driving, mobile phone distraction is a “major unaddressed source of road trauma”.

Campaigns warning about the dangers of phone use have ramped up in recent years, with the NSW Government even increasing the penalty for using a phone while driving from four demerit points to five.

The lack of a technological solution to this issue may be the reason drivers continue to break this rule so frequently.

Speed cameras and roadside drug and alcohol tests are a deterrent for many drivers, but until now there hasn’t really been technology specifically designed to catch distracted motorists.

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Ador recently announced an investment in Australian traffic and safety enforcement specialist Acusensus Pty Ltd, taking a majority equity position in the company. Acusensus specialises on the use of radar, cameras and software for unique path breaking innovative solutions to identify and create infringements for driving whilst distracted, such as texting or using an electronic device whilst driving, seat belt usage, and other related traffic safety offences.