Soon, border and perimeter walls won't be built with barbed wires or stones but with a series of high-powered cameras, defense systems and digital sensors.

Ador has been involved with the defence sector for over 20 years providing specialised power sources, submarine battery chargers, Mil-Grade UPS / DC systems and battlefield deployable power sources with low heat, vibration and electromagnetic signatures for mission critical electronics equipment.

Ador equipment is installed on missile launchers, radars, battlefield shelters, command and control centres and submarine bases.

India shares over 15000 kilometers of its borders with its neighbors. The terrain constitutes the topographic extremes from arid deserts and swamps, to snow covered Himalayas, rivers and forests.

Protecting borders from enemy insurgents, smugglers and terrorists is an uphill task. And this not a uniquely Indian problem. Human surveillance alone cannot protect and defend state and national borders.

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