ADOR O2™ Clean Air Solutions


O2, the resource that sustains and fuels all life on earth.


Around the world, most industries create emissions that pass through filters or electrostatic precipitators and are used to trap the dust. ADOR's innovative solutions help organizations to reduce their emissions below the strictest regulatory demands and pollution standards.


Ador, in partnership with its global Clean Air alliance partner Redkoh, recently launched the ADOR VEDIKA high frequency technology facilitating far cleaner emissions from coal power stations, cement & paper mills and steel plants than ever before. 

 Ador Vedika is a smart solution for a number of reasons. Working at an optimal  frequency which is customised to each location or project, the technology can be installed as a retrofit to existing equipment and does not require a massive capital investment in new transformers and panels or inordinate process shut downs for equipment changeovers. 

ADOR Vedika is patented and the only such equipment in the world where the panel continues to be installed in the control room and not with the transformers high on an inaccessible roof.

Ador Vedika has been tried and tested through-out North America and already has a proven track record in several power and cement plants (Ultratech Cement, Ambuja Cement and International Paper) in India.  

Vedika (means a thirst for knowledge in Sanskrit) is patented and the only such equipment in the world where the panel continues to be installed in the control room and not with the transformers high on an inaccessible roof. 

The technology is normally installed on existing equipment as a retrofit upgrade of performance and software. It comes standard with the new Ador IoT Max Smart Technology as well.

In addition to such customised high frequency solutions,  Ador also offers conventional high frequency products as available in most global markets.



In an industry first globally, Ador has pioneered the Max Smart Internet of Things (Iot) capable Transformer/ Rectifier for Electrostatic precipitators within the clean air sector. 

Ador Max Smart Transformer Rectifiers now have an in-built diagnostic and prognostic capability, using data both from I/O devices within the transformer and panel as well as meta data globally from Ador’s existing base of 17,0000 transformers as well as performance, weather and site specific data to predict when service is required or equipment may be at risk of breakdown. 

Using proprietary software commissioned by Ador and designed closely with innovation partners in both India and North America, this initiative is transforming preventive maintenance within the Clean Air sector.



One of the largest manufacturing facilities of TR sets in the world, the ADOR Clean Air division ensures that all of us get to breathe healthy air, everyday. With over 15000 global installations across 56 nations, Corona TR sets are offered in a hermetically sealed construction.

Certifications: CE, CCSAUS, GOST-R

Features:  HV Transformer, Rectifier, AC Reactor & Choke Assembly is lid mounted for convenience and ease of maintenance and repairs. Conforms to Ingress Protection class IP-65 as per IEC PUB 947-1. Doubly Wound, cross over winding with electrostatic shield between primary and secondary. High Frequency Choke for surge protection of rectifier stack diodes High Voltage resistors for better stability and shield for induction free signal waveform. HV Rectifier Stack design consists of special glass-sealed passivated avalanche diodes, with controlled avalanche characteristics, which conduct the currents associated with transient waves in their reverse biased direction without being destroyed in the way that normal diodes are, thus ensuring highest possible immunity to traveling waves.  Standard Protections Include: Dial Thermometer, Current Limiting Reactor, High Frequency Choke, Pressure Release Valves, Pressure Switch, Oil Level Gauge.


Our third generation micro controller for electrostatic precipitator applications helps regulate, monitor and optimize the electric power input to the ESP. The PRECICON-R is not only a TR controller, but also a ESP controller.

Certifications: CE, CCSAUS, GOST-R

Features: In-built Auto-optimization Software to control back corona by automatic charging ratio as well as current limit optimization and In-built Power Down/Control Rapping software to reduce back corona & achieve cleaner collecting Plates.  Integration of Voltage/time curve by Active corona time determination. In-built rapping programmer with multiple control & operation options with Real time synchronization with Inbuilt Opacity Optimization software.Built in Redundancy: Automatic changeover to manual control with full spark, arc and over current facilities should main processor fail along with a high noise immunity in the entire control.

ADOR O2™ HIGH CURRENT RECTIFIERS: ADOR TRANSRECT high current rectifiers are integrated Transformer rectifier units including a step-down transformer. Our High Current Rectifier units are used in Electrode deposition painting, steel electro-cleaning, metal extraction and process electronning, corrosion protection, hydrogenation & electro-chlorination, cathodic protection, special purpose plasma arcs, and DC substations.