The side-effects of air pollution are devastating. We are working hard to find actionable solutions.

India is on the road to incredible progress. However, with a population of over 1.3 billion and the resources required to feed, power and shelter everyone, the country is dealing with unprecedented levels of growth and consequently high levels of pollution.

Traditional methods for controlling pollution from coal based (brown energy) power plants increasingly are proving inadequate to attain the higher acceptable clean air standards being.

ADOR is one of the largest manufacturer and supplier of Transformer-Rectifier (T/R) sets and controls in the world. Over 16,000 Ador High Voltage Transformer Rectifiers have been installed within the Power, Cement, Steel and Paper industries across 74 countries over the last 35 years.  Ador T/Rs use software designed by ADOR and also are able to incorporate OEM management and control software.

Ador, India’s premiere clean air transformer rectifier manufacturer and Redkoh, the world’s foremost precipitator controls company, have long had a technology sharing agreement and work very closely together.

ADOR integrates Redkoh controllers & software in a number ofproducts.  Through the patented Medium Frequency and High Frequency pollution control technologies that both companies have introduced,  TR sets are able to operate at elevated frequenciesto clean exhaust stack air without requiring significant additional investment. These greatly will benefit clean air initiatives at coal based power station as well as pulp & paper, cement and steel manufacturing industries


In a global first, Ador has also pioneered iOT capable T/Rs for the clean air sector.  The new Ador Max Smart T/Rs now all have an inbuilt diagnostic as well as prognostic capability and are able to use internal performance data of the T/R, linked with meta data architecture to predict if and when a T/R may fail and for what reasons.  Designed closely with innovation partners in both India and North America, this initiative will change the outlook of preventive maintenance for Clean Air technologies.

Clean air and the use of sustainable and renewable energy are challenges facing countries around the world. ADOR has committed to invest in these areas and will research innovative solutions to fight the issues of pollution and sustainable energy.

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