Our core values are the conscience of our organization.

► Video: Timeline of our 100 year history and the core values of our company.

1. Fight every inch. 

Never, ever give up as the inches are everywhere. Eventually you will win. Convincingly.

2. Be brutally Honest, always.

Speak your mind with facts not emotions.  Challenge everyone around you to be better. Offer constructive feedback not destructive criticism.

3. Be informed, and therefore fearless.

Use data and not emotion to make your point. Demand the data you need. Analyze, analyze, analyze, learn from mistakes and move forward with confidence.

4. Always make a profit.

People are the purpose, but profit is the means.  Always ensure every month, every day, every deal makes a profit, so we can look after the people and families that depend on us.

Our core values are more than just words. They are a way of life. Our app Sanskriti has been specially designed to help make all our employees adopt, embrace and live them everyday.