Improving Driver Behavior

Ador recently invested in Australian camera and radar integration specialist Acusensus which provides enforcement technology to assist road authorities and police drive behaviour change. Our mission is to reduce road trauma, making travel safer and more efficient. We have a suite of advanced detection solutions for the enforcement of speeding, illegal mobile phone use, seatbelt use and helmet use, through radar, ANPR and image recognition technologies.


The Acusensus Advantage

Acusensus specialises in radar and camera integration to identify people who are texting or using a mobile phone whilst driving, not wearing a seat belt, vehicle passenger detection in high occupancy lanes as well as solutions for runway safety at airfields which use radar and camera-based technology.



Fixed Speed Enforcement

Ador has developed a unique, resilient speed detection and enforcement system for India. This robust and lower cost solution is able to provide a detection and enforcement rate of over 90% on both highways and country/ city roads.

The system does not require expensive fibre optic cables to be installed for data transfer and uses minimal power which can also be provided by solar in certain locations.

9MP Camera, Radar, 2G/3G/4G GSM data transfer of infringements for optimised number plate recognition.



The fixed speed enforcement system is designed to be installed by the roadside or over the road at any height. It will monitor traffic in both towards and away mode, and will accurately detect over-speeding vehicles above set thresholds, configurable by combinations of speed, direction of travel and position along road (lane). Each camera provides enough resolution to enforce four lanes of traffic.