Case Study: India's Traffic Challenge

A pervasive source of stress for an Indian is his daily commute. With the launch of India's Smart Cities Project by the Government of India, over 150 cities will witness investment in improving the quality of life of citizens.

Dawn of a smart era

Ador is playing an integral part of this project and has designed and supplied VMS systems already to cities including Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur and Hyderabad. These insurmountable challenges were analyzed by our expert team and in a bid to make everyone's lives easier, Ador has introduced its Variable Message Signs (VMS). These smart VMSs can act like a watchdog and alert commuters in case of congestion in advance. They also showcase a weather warning sign in case of disturbance or a downpour.



  • The multi-coloured Ador VMS display can communicate in any Indian language.
  • With a 30 degrees of viewing angle and a 3G/4G router connected to it, the VMS can be accessed easily through a PC and is programmable by a police control centre.
  • It has an internal power source, backed by an Uninterrupted Power Supply(UPS) made by Ador.
  • Built tough with its anti-vandal protection for pole based VMS and resistance to all kinds of weather forces like incessant monsoon rains, dust and wear and tear due to extreme heat.
  • Secure. The system has a built-in firewall that prevents it from being hacked or pilfered by unauthorized sources.
  • Designed on review of VMS poles globally (Germany, Poland, Luxembourg, China, Australia and Holland)
  • With 50 years of trailer building experience, the India specific trailers are robust in nature and can travel on Indian Roads at speeds of 60 KMPH. 
  • Ador researched the visibility of several colours to help make communication effective.



The Beacon series was developed specifically for the Indian conditions. The trailer can be towed by most vehicles used by enforcement agencies. It caught the eye of India’s premier police force and a fleet of the ADOR Beacon VMS trailers is now deployed and operational in Mumbai.

The VMS solution deployed in Mumbai was manufactured in Pune at Ador manufacturing facility which is UL and CE certified. These VMS units, built to the European Union (EU) VMS spec include a large size, full colour VMS at a pitch of 16mm. The LED lights have a lens to allow for greater visibility of the text lines displayed and have a vandal and pebble impact protection cover, in the event loose gravel is picked up by tyres from moving cars which can often damage LEDs.

The signs can display pictures as well as text in three languages – English, Hindi and Marathi. The power source includes solar assist with power charge cables to provide autonomy for deployment times of over 10 hours on each occasion.

Ador is in the process of  fulfilling orders to deliver Beacon VMA Trailers for numerous other traffic and enforcement authorities as well as smart city projects across India. In the recent times, people have been told about events of greater significance and which have the knack of arresting smooth vehicle flow during events such as Ganesh Chaturthi and major festivals and political events.