Ador REFLEX™ Rapid Deployment Surveillance Solution is developed for unique Indian crowd conditions to address CCTV coverage of an event that occurs with no warning (No Warning Event- NWE).  

This could be a political or religious mass gathering of people in a location with limited or no CCTV coverage, a disaster situation such as earthquake or terrorIst strike where existing infrastructure for CCTV coverage is unusable – or a VIP visit to locations with no CCTV coverage.

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Reflex uses a control room housed in a ballistic proof shelter/ container which can be deployed on a truck / trailer to any location.  The C2 room is linked to a fleet of independent diesel or battery powered trailers with 12 meters extendable masts housing various cameras.  

These trailers are designed to be vandal proof, low profile and agile to be deployed in adverse conditions on uneven ground.  Masts extendable from 2 meters to 12 meters.  Cameras installed are capable of day and night coverage as well as thermal footage, in some instances with edge analytics.  

Cameras communicate back to the C2 room wirelessly and don't need a line of sight using closed bandwidth protocols.