The Global Safety Roller Crash Barrier is a barrier system engineered to prevent fatal injuries by firstly absorbing shock energy and subsequently converting that shock energy into rotational energy.

The key to its effectiveness is the energy from an impact being absorbed and then deflected into the barrier and converted into rotational energy along the barrier. This lifesaving feature has enabled the barrier to perform exceptionally well in the stringent MASH testing, which additionally delivers its ability to survive moderate impacts and consequently require little or no repair or replacement.

The superior performance has been achieved because of its advanced design elements:

  • Roller absorbs initial collision shock, which converts to rotational energy.

  • Front rails absorb second shock.

  • Back rails absorb third shock.

  • Metal pipe inserted between the rails to strengthen the post.

  • Frictional rotating stopper boards installed to the top and bottom of the rollers act as clutch plates to decrease speed.

The product is flame retardant and recyclable. Adding or removing rollers can adjust the barrier for complete suitability to any landscape. Solar powered lights and speed displays can be added when they are warranted.  

The arrival of the latest design in safety roller crash barrier systems to the international market reduces repair, replacement and maintenance costs, compared to existing traditional barriers.

The first in the world to be tested and accredited to MASH TL4 which includes:

  • TL4-10: 1,100kg vehicle at 100km/h at 25-degree impact angle

  • TL4-11: 2,270kg vehicle at 100km/h at 25-degree impact angle

  • TL4-12: 10,000kg truck at 90km/h at 15-degree impact angle

ADOR is the exclusive representative for KSI Safety Roller Crash Barriers in India.


Used globally to protect highway workers working in fast lanes for highway construction,  painting, electrical maintenance or gardening work, the attenuator acts as a protection cushion in the event of an accident.

Crash attenuators are mounted on the back of any Indian medium or heavy vehicle truck. Attenuator mounted trucks, when parked on highways between roadworks employees and contractors and on coming high speed traffic can help save lives and prevent fatalities

The attenuator is designed to stop the oncoming vehicle, protect the driver of the vehicle and most importantly protect the multitude of road workers at the same time.

Each year the road traffic claims countless victims among road workers. A clear and timely indication of a work site can warn the road users in time and save the life of personnel.

Stuer-Egghe is a leading global name in the field of mobile signalling and truck mounted attenuators. ADOR is their exclusive representative in India.