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Liferaft, a back-up that can be essential during an emergency or disaster.

LIFERAFT POWER BACK UP SOLUTIONS: Ador has been designing and manufacturing Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Systems since 1999. Designed uniquely for the challenges of India, these include both modular and stand-alone true online systems.  Currently, Ador UPS solutions support back up networks at major data centres, call centres, airport control towers, defence forward operating bases, as well as at mission critical infrastructure such as hotels, cinema multiplexes, hospitals and police command and control centres.

THIRD EYE CAMERAS: Ador CCTV Cameras are made in India and designed for the unique weather conditions (extreme temperature both high and low) as well as the impact of dust and heavy rainfall. The Ador range comprises analog, Analog HD, IP cameras as well as specialised long distance cameras for defence and surveillance applications. Download Product Brochure

LIFE RAFT POWER-UP BATTERIES: Ador provides its own Lead Acid battery products for use with power back up systems in SMF and Tubular formats. Ador batteries are used in large quantities as major defence as well as infrastructure locations across in India.




Liferaft Modular is a next generation True Modular - Upgradeable Online UPS comprising UPS modules of 10kVA each, a system controller, static switch module, and distribution block. The flexible system is user upgradable from 10kVA to 100kVA. UPS modules are designed for hot insertion.  Larger systems of up to 300LVA uses larger sized individual modules.

Liferaft modular supplies the power to the work load and takes its power either from the AC input (via the rectifier) or from the battery. The rectifier is controlled to recharge the battery and maintain it in charged condition. The battery is galvanically connected between the rectifier output and the inverter input on a common DC link.


The Life Raft standalone UPS  series features single-phase online double-conversion UPS systems with a power range of 6kVA to 40kVA and well as single and three phase systems that can scale up to 500 KVA. Liferaft standalone solutions are available in stand-alone and parallel configurations, in both 3/1 and 3/3 models. Ador standalone systems provide high quality, stabilized sine-waves signals. A static switch provides the optimal solution for output inrush current and overload problems. All parameters (input/output voltage, currents, frequencies, DC voltage, and temperatures) are measured and shown in an LCD display. All information may be sent to the host computer through an RS232 interface, with SNMP management.