Smart VMS Solutions

Beacon, a fire or light set up in a high or prominent position as a warning, signal, or guide.

ADOR has innovated a host of products to help keep people safe when traveling and to help better management of traffic, including static and mobile Variable Message Signs (VMSes),  Vehicle Activated Speed Signs (VASs) and passenger information display (PID) systems that can be either triggered remotely from a command & control room, or make autonomous decisions based on inputs from GPS feeders, cameras and other input devices to alert commuters of hazards on the road.  

ADOR smart city solutions include regulation and enforcement cameras including Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Red Light Violation Detection (RLVD) as well as speed and lane violation detection.

 We are proud to be a turn key solution provider for keeping commuters safe on the road. We design, build and deliver turnkey speed enforcement solutions including hardware and software integration at our facilities in India. 

We also design and manufacture the entire VMS solution for Indian roads including VMS units, poles, gantries, backup power systems, trailer VMS systems and vehicle-based VMS systems.

ADOR road safety solutions also include highway safety roller barriers and truck-based crash attenuators for deployment at highway roadworks. Our products are not only used on roads, but also at railway & metro stations as well as airports and include power sources, DC power converters, Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) as well as junction boxes and kerbside inverter battery packs for emergency packs for road and rail kerbside data and communications infrastructure.  

These have already been deployed in major Indian cities including Mumbai, Pune, Raipur, Nagpur and Hyderabad.

For details about features, specifications and our range of Smart City Solutions please Download our brochure.

 A few of our flagship products available under this portfolio are featured below


ADOR BEACON SERIES/ Variable Message Sign (VMS)

ADOR has successfully launched its EN- 12966 certified range of VMS for smart traffic control. We offer a separate LED drivers for single, double, and full colour VMS systems respectively. The promise of reliability, energy efficiency, and sustainability are standard features.

Pixel pitches: P5.P6.P10.P12.P16.P20.P25.P31.25.P33.3. 
LED types: DIP and SMD. 
Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS, UL. 
Four options: Mounted pole (T or F Poles) Mounted Gantry Systems, Trailer Systems and Vehicle mounted VMS Systems.

Ador Beacon VMS

The Ador Beacon range of VMS products are specifically designed for India and made in India.  1/2/ full colour VMS are available in pitch sizes of P1.5/5/8/10/12/16/20/32 and can be used for just text, or complex imaging and videos as well. 

The Beacon software is capable of displaying all Indian languages in true font.  Housed in an IP65 (IP66 possible also) cabinet, the VMS units are capable of rear or front access maintenance. Available in modular sizes from 2 meters, Ador can supply widths of up to 9 meters.  Non-standard sizes are available as well. 

Certifications: CE/ UL/FCC/ ROHS. 

Ador Beacon VMS: Roadstar Mobile VMS Trailer

The Ador Beacon Roadstar, our India Specific VMS trailer is a mobile VMS platform built specifically for Indian conditions.

The Ador Beacon VMS Roadstar trailer is specifically designed for India.  The trailer is capable of being easily deployed in seconds with 4 jacks and a primary moving wheel.  It can be driven on the highway at speeds of 100kmph and is offered in multiple options including varying VMS sizes, extension capability to 3 meters for the VMS board through an electric or hydraulic actuator. 

The trailer operates on 24V DC and has 4 batteries to provide maximum autonomy.  Solar charging is the primary feed source and on a full charge the trailer can be deployed for over 30 days.

The Ador VMS software is capable of displaying true font in any language or font and can be displayed within seconds from a control room using a GSM network. 

The trailer communicates its GPS location, battery charge conditions, time to no charge, or to full charge In prevailing solar charge conditions. 

With an autonomy of 18 hours (full colour white white dominant) to 30 hours (two colours), using solar charges as the primary power feed-source, this full colour, full matrix, vandal proof DIP based VMS, mounted on a spring set trailer with larger wheels is specifically designed for Indian conditions.  

Vandal proofing includes battery protection, movement locks in park and also VMS protection from stones and pellets rising from fast moving cars or crowds.  

It is comprehensively built in Pune, India and messages to be displayed can be controlled locally or from a centralised control room via GSM

Ador Beacon VMS: Pushpak Vehicle Based Platform

India’s first vehicle based VMS platform based on India’s most widely used small and medium sized commercial vehicles.  The Pushpak is a fully integrated platform including inverter, batteries and in cabin controls.  The VMS can be controlled locally or through a GSM communication network from a control room.  No stress from trailer fleet or parking management, intuitive and easy to use, the Pushpak can be used in small city roads or deployed at highway roadworks and closure.  Added options include a CCTV camera for traffic prognostics and a GPS locator.

Ador Beacon Pole and Gantry Mounted (VMS)

The AdorPole™ is an innovation that has introduced global standards for highway and city VMS gantries and poles incorporating seismic vibration, wind safety, maintenance access, vandal proofing and aesthetics to Indian roads. 

Ador engineers have bench-marked the best of structures in Europe, North America, Australia and South East Asia to derive an India specific V MS Pole and Gantry design like no other.

VMS units can be from spans of 2 meters to 9 meters with heights from 1 meter to 3 meters. All VMS are EN-12966 Certified and also available with UL and CE certification and have IP 65 & 66 grade protection.  IP67 is available on request as is a variety of housing material including steel and aluminum frames.