Helping make India smarter, cleaner and more secure.

We are the world’s leading manufacturer and complete solution provider for high voltage rectifier transformer sets for clean air applications including electrostatic precipitators for power stations, cement, pulp & paper and steels plants.

Video: It is said that if you look hard enough, you can find God in the details. We believe it.

Ador also makes customized High Current AC / DC Power Source and Uninterrupted Power Supplies with customers in technology, defence and smart city domains.  Additionally, we are pioneering the comprehensive application of CCTV cameras, alcohol breath-analyzers and traffic system products including LED based Electronic Variable Message Signs (VMS) to make India's roads safer. 

Our foray into national security and defence has yielded innovative solutions that include smart perimeter and intrusion detection solutions (PIDS) along with smart border fence control solutions.

ADOR India has committed resources to the following key categories: Air Pollution, Traffic Management & Safety, Power, Security and National Defense.

The ADOR Group has a long history of over 100 years of innovating and facilitating change in India. As we move into a new era, we are consistently striving to deliver Peace of Mind™ to our clients by building a progressive customer-centric culture that focuses on problem solving, design thinking and agile simple solutions.

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